Face difficulty finding offices, warehouses, apartments, or logistics partners?
Ask Japan Commercial Real Estate.
We are happy to assist you.

It is difficult to understand Japanese commercial customs for foreign companies.
If you look for offices, apartments, warehouses, or logistics partners when you start your business in Japan, who do you contact?
Real-Estate company? Logistics company? Trading company? Lawyer?
Do real estate companies find you warehouses and logistics partners? Probably not.
Do logistics companies find you offices and apartments? Probably not.

The key factors among warehouse, office, and residence are different.
Warehouses are to store. Offices are to work. Residences are to live.
Do offices and residences care for Ceiling height? Weight durability? Distance from the port? Number of loading docks? Maybe not.

Because key factors among those three are different, you have to approach real estate companies and warehousing companies separately.
But we Japan Commercial Real Estate take care both.
Japan Commercial Real Estate maybe the right place for you to find warehouses, offices, and apartments.


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